How we work

1.   Change management    

If you'd like to minimize the resistance in your organization when it goes through a small or an important organizational change we advise you to get external help.  Consultants have a non colored vision and can speak freely with all the key players and stakeholders.  K-Konsult can assist you in these critical moments. Change can go from a new productline introduction to a carve out of an entire department.

K-Konsult :

       -          Designs organisation charts for the new situation
-          Organizes one to one interviews with all the stake holders
-          Organizes workshops to increase people involvement
-          Helps to install the right Projectteam

2.    Leadership development

Probably the most important element in any organization are the Leaders and their management style.  The strategic direction is set by the Leaders, the resources allocated,  the communication tools decided.

Leadership development activities therefor are one of the Key success factors for any company.

K-Konsult :

       -          Helps to build and reflect on Vision Mission Values and Strategy
       -          Organizes Strategic workshops
       -          Supports to build Marketing and Sales plans
       -          Coaches senior management in the execution of the action plan
       -          Develops KPI’s

3..      Organizational development

One classic definition of organization development comes from Richard Beckhard’s 1969 Organization Development: Strategies and Models:

"Organization Development is an effort planned, organization-wide, and managed from the top, to increase organization effectiveness and health through planned interventions in the organizations "processes,” using behavioural-science knowledge."

K-Konsult :

       -          Designs organisation charts
-          Supports on succession planning
-          Coaches on the job
-          Installs project management
-          Learns how to meet
-          Trains on feedback meetings and objective setting

4.      Business development

Sustainable business can only be reached if a company has sane and realistic growth plans. Profitable growth in an ever more competitive environment requires strong and professional marketers and sales men.

K-Konsult :

       -          Supports the marketing department to build solid marketing plans
-          Assists in analysing the product pipe-line
         Builds a professional account management team
-          Helps to create SMART sales plans and objectives
-          Trains marketing and sales people to become a winning team

5.      Crisis management

In any crisis situation it can be very meaningful to temporary strengthen your organization with an experienced staff member.

K-Konsult :

       -          Supports the board to detect the organizational gap
-          Fills in the detected gap on temporary basis
-          Assists the company to find a structural solution



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